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Once upon a time there lived a boy named Tom with his mother in the village of Orleans in England. He lost his father when he was a small child and his mother worked hard in the vineyards of Welmore to raise the small family. But as her husband’s disease had transferred in to her body in fits and starts, her health was deteriorating too. Fate had taken its cruel turn on poor little Tom’s life.
Tom and his mother lived in a small house at the corner of the vineyard. There was a huge big tree nearby his house .Tom ,without having anyone to play around, loved this tree and spend his days being around this big tree. He took good care of the tree, played with the tee, talked to the tree- in short, shared his happiness and joy with the tree like a friend.
The Vineyard was owned by a billionaire named Thomas Welmore who owned more than half of the lands in the city of Orleans. In spite of his abundant wealth, he was a very good man at heart as he started his business from humble beginnings. He never sought to be in the lime light and always wanted to do and observe things unnoticed. So not many people knew who ThomasWelmore was or how he looked like. He dressed and walked around his fields like an ordinary man and he never had a family.
One day as Welmore was walking around, he saw the 8 year old Tom talking to the big tree. He found it very interesting and he started watching Tom in secret. He asked his assistant James about the boy and he explained him about Tom’s family and also explained how Tom shares an amazing bond with the tree. Welmore was so pleased with Tom especially his love for the tree and was also moved with his family background, and he decided to observe Tom very close.
One day Tom’s mother fell sick and Tom felt very sad to see his mother on the sick bed. He came and poured his heart out to the tree and told how he wished to have some medicines and food to feed his mother. He cried hugging the tree and went back home. Next morning to his surprise, he saw groceries and medicines hanging on the tree. He couldn’t believe his eyes! He took it inside and gave it to his mother immediately. He then came back, gave a big hug to the tree and told the tree,” Now you are my magic tree”! From that day the tree has literally started becoming his magic tree. Whenever he shared his needs to the tree, the tree started coming up with solutions on the very next day, even in the form of money or goodies.
Years passed by. In between Tom lost his mother due to her fatal disease. But still he grew up in a blessed way. Thanks to his magic tree! When he became a teenager he wanted to get into the reality. He is now old enough to understand that it cannot be the tree that is giving him all the things he wanted all these years. He decided to seek what is behind or who is behind the magic tree. One night he told the tree that he desperately wanted to find a very important person to thank, but he knew nothing about that person. Next morning he saw a paper chit pasted on the tree “Come and meet me” with an address. His joy knew no bounds. At once he started his journey to the mentioned address. After a while he found himself standing in front of a huge mansion. It had so many workers moving here and there. Tom hesitantly asked one man he saw there about the owner of that house. The man pointed him towards a man. He was no one other than Welmore’s assistant, James. He asked Tom to sit. Looking at Tom’s perplexed eyes, he gave him a very warm smile and told him “So it took you 4 years to come here huh? Four years? Tom didn’t understand what he meant by 4 years. So James started explaining the story. He told Tom how his master and himself happened to see Tom before 4 years around the tree. How his compassionate master wanted to support him without getting noticed. How he arranged one of his servants to be near that tree all day long to know Tom’s whereabouts and to meet with all his needs without fail. James added, “I asked my master several times about when he is going to reveal the fact that, it’s not the tree’s magic but his magical hands which are behind all your goodness. But he always replied with a sweet smile “whenever the boy comes to me! “And it is exactly 4 years Tom”.
Tom was overwhelmed with emotions! He didn’t know what exactly to say. In a trembling voice he asked, “May I please ask who this Master is? The man replied “Thomas Welmore ,the owner of Welmore lands!
Tom found it hard to believe that he is not dreaming! “So you are saying that, all these years Thomas Welmore was supporting me??. How on earth can that be possible”? How am I going to pay back his goodness all these years? Tom was on his knees weeping with an outpour of his emotions. Suddenly he felt a hand tapping his shoulders. “Get up my son”. Tom slowly looked up to the figure standing in front of him. A simple man with warmth and sweetness overloaded in his eyes. His gentle voice just soothed his soul. He got up with folded hands. Thankyou sir. Thankyou so much for your amazing grace. Master Velmore hugged him tight and said “I am so glad that you have come to me son”
Welmore continued “Because from today I wanted you to live with me as my son”. He gave him some papers. It was the documents for adoption. Then he said “I was keeping this documents with me all these years. I was never going to proceed with these plans if you have failed to come in search of me. That was my only condition.But deep inside my heart I was just waiting for you to come. So that we can be family. I am so glad that you came son. Would you like to be my family?
Tears were just rolling down from Tom’s eyes. With a wailing and trembling voice he said, “Yes sir!” I would love to!! And Thank you again!!
There was a celebration of adoption at Welmore’s that day. Thus Tom became Tom Thomas Welmore. He studied well. Managed business with his dad!
Together they doubled their business ventures! Welmore became the leading business firm in England and in the surrounding countries .Tom Welmore grew up not only as a leading business man, but also as a man of great values ,who lived up to his dad’s reputation!

Dear Friends, Aren’t we all like this Tom before our heavenly Father?
If we are very happy to keep receiving things from God all the time…it will not give any progress in our relationship with our dad! Imagine Tom loving just the tree’s magic, enjoying the goodies all his life! He would have missed the chance of a life time of getting adopted by a great father!
Asking and receiving is just stage one of Christian life. Don’t just stay there. Move on to stage 2! Start seeking, don’t just be satisfied with your prayers getting answered. .Move on to the next stage. Knock on the doors. Explore the kingdom of heaven to understand the mysteries heavenly Father has kept for you! Never miss that golden chance of meeting your dad, being a part of that kingdom and most importantly, being a part of that kingdom’s business. Make your heavenly Father really proud of adopting you into the family!

Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you will find; Knock and the doors will be opened to you!!(Matthew 7:7)

Lovelin Shalu

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